Lexus LFA 2011

Lexus LFA 2011The new Lexus LFA is an important moment in both the history and development of the Lexus supercar. A real piece of "clean" design, Lexus LFA was created by a small team of passionate and dedicated engineers whose deployment has been to push the limits of materials technology and engineering at every stage to make a car do not like others to have carried the Lexus badge.

Lexus LFA 2011

Keep the weight of the car to an absolute minimum has been one of the elements that define the development of disadvantaged regions Lexus, which has led to the decision to switch from aluminum to build the car to the most advanced carbon-reinforced fiber plastic (CFRP) for chassis and bodywork.
Lexus LFA 2011
In addition, Lexus has decided CFRP structure should be built at home, rather than by a third party vendor. Thus, it has a wealth of Toyota Motor Corporation to build the technology to expand the scope of their technical capacity, developing new carbon-fiber chassis and a laser system for monitoring the integrity of the material

Lexus LFA 2011
The Lexus LFA will be assembled by hand in the Motomachi plant in Toyota City. Only 500 units will be constructed at a maximum rate of 20 per month To ensure the best quality construction and attention to detail. Each V10 engine will be assembled by a technician only, and will bring his signature, as evidenced by the state to measure each Lexus LFA.

The launch price in Britain for the Lexus LFA is € 368,000 (approx £ 336,000). Owners can choose from a wide range of options to customize their cars, including 30 different paints. Some items of standard equipment can also be removed, as the audio system, to Reduce the weight of the car.

Title: Lexus LFA 2011
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