Acura Geely CE concept

Geely car parade at Beijing is officially running smoothly. One of the renderings we posted pretty during the run up to the show is the concept of CE, a small hatchback that looked like it could be Acura's slumming in entry-level class. In metals, it seems pretty much exactly like the rendering a little better Acura style 5-door hatch.

That's Geely badge on the grille-shaped shield. It is more handsome than the Geely current market offerings, and it all means nothing, because we do not have pictures of the interior as well as technical details to flesh things out further. Thus, we will treat it as an exercise style that might have a Honda / Acura designers grumbling under his breath, and Chinese showgoers and (potential car-buyers) nodding approvingly.

Title: Acura Geely CE concept
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