Koenigsegg CCX & CCXR Special Edition

Koenigsegg CCX & CCXR Special Edition
Due to the request of some customers and clients Koenigsegg, Koenigsegg has created a limited edition version of its search space. The Koenigsegg Edition comes in two limited versions, the CCX and CCXR models.

Koenigsegg CCX & CCXR Special Editionit features with a 4.8L supercharged engine Twin Koenigsegg, and many other unique features. The car is tracking more than standard models, as it has stiffer springs and anti-roll bars, reset dampers and lowered suspension. It also features a fully visible carbon wing large adjustable rear, larger front splitter and side wings of the strength of the further decline and a unique design forged wheels.
Koenigsegg CCX & CCXR Special EditionThe Edition cars will be built in two versions, a CCX model limited to 14 cars with 888 hp and (Bio Fuel CCXR Flexi) model limited to 6 cars with 1018 hp. The price of the 888 hp CCX is 1 330 000 and 1 500 000 euros for the 1018 hp CCXR (FlexFuel E85/petrol) version. The top two in each version are already spoken for
Koenigsegg CCX & CCXR Special Editionthe interior is also reworked and features color matched leather carpets, Edition side step plates, Edition chronograph instrument cluster New edition only layout for the center consol control panels
Title: Koenigsegg CCX & CCXR Special Edition
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