2011 Toyota Sienna

2011 Toyota SiennaThe 2010 Toyota Sienna is the best car for you if you recognize the benefits of a minivan and confident enough to drive one.

2011 Toyota Sienna 2Toyota Sienna will not be all-new models for 2010. They are the rumors from a year: Toyota has extended the life of this second generation Sienna through 2010 model year. Redesigned version for the 2011 model and can start as early as January 2010.

2011 Toyota SiennaEvery 2010 Toyota Sienna with 265-horsepower 3.5-liter V-6, a powerful machine that completed the task of small farmers in the model year minivans since 2007. Stay connected to the five-speed automatic transmission. Sienna default is front-wheel drivetrain, which placed heavy machinery tires is powering up. This increases the traction in the snow and allows compact packaging components that can maximize interior space. The 2010 Toyota Sienna is again the only minivan in the U.S. to also offer all-wheel drive (AWD)

2011 Toyota Sienna
Normal driving this system keep the front-wheel drive. Automatically divides the power to rear wheels when the front began to slip. AWD is available on all trim levels except Sienna CE. His role, of course, not off-roading, but giving an extra dimension traction on wet or snowy road surface and serious. This is also a relief on slippery boat ramps. Sienna could pull trailers weighing up to 3500 pounds when equipped with towing package, a fairly cheap option under $ 250. Siennas come with four-wheel antilock disc brake system that applies full stopping power in emergency situations even if the driver does not fully pressing the brake pedal. Included also is the charging system. Also known as electronic stability control, to combat this side of the slide that can contribute to rollovers. This is done by applying individual brakes and modulating engine power.

2011 Toyota Sienna
Styling : carryover styling inside and out is the rule for the year 2010. Long form without sharp edges, Sienna's form seems to be inspired by the hot dog bun - apt, given the nature of friendship minivan. Size wise, 2010 Toyota Sienna is a good combination of generous and relatively short wheelbase body. Indeed, the wheelbase - the distance between the front axle and rear - is one of the longest in the minivan class. And the overall body length is between the short. That can maximize interior space without saddling Sienna with excess sheetmetal. See Sienna closely to distinguish four levels of trim. The 2010 Toyota Sienna CE is the base model and comes with 16-inch tires, wheel covers, and no roof rack. The 2010 Toyota Sienna LE adds roof rails and darkened rear glass. The 2010 Toyota Sienna XLE has a 17-inch alloy wheels. Top-of-the-line XLE Limited has a sunroof, fog lights and outside mirrors with turn-signal repeaters. Following additional details in the "2010 Toyota Sienna Pricing" section of this review.
Title: 2011 Toyota Sienna
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