Toyota FT-CH Hybrid

Toyota FT-CH Hybrid 1Toyota FT-CH designed for city driving, and claims it weighs less and fuel economy better than the Prius. Concept car is 22 inches shorter than the length of the Prius, while maintaining the same width. "Within 10 to 20 years," Toyota Motor Sales President Jim Lentz said in a statement today, the world will reach "peak oil" and "enter a period where demand for all liquid fuels will exceed supply."

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Automakers get their green on this day in Day 1 of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit's Cobo Center, opened a new hybrid concept and announced plans to manufacture electric vehicles. Government officials and citizens demonstrators turn up, each issued credit to industry efforts to improve fuel economy and criticism for the investment of tax money to save the car companies. We have to sort out the announcement of the event of rain today and collected some of the most interesting schemes, photos, statements and events from the Detroit Auto Show so far.

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Title: Toyota FT-CH Hybrid
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