Audi R8 First Full LED Headlamps

Audi R8 First Full LED HeadlampsInnovative Audi R8 supercar is now available for the first time with full LED lighting. In addition to the standard Audi-signature 24-LED running lights always have, this is a very expensive option (£ 3,590 to convert to USD $ 7100) adds LED high and low beam headlights and LED turn signals to the front lines of the mid-engine sports car.

Audi R8 First Full LED Headlamps 2The latest craze in automotive lighting, LED lights do not utilize a filament like halogen lamps or gas plasma like HID lamps. Instead, they create light from the movement of flow across the semiconductor chip. They are smaller, more resistant to vibration, and much more efficient than traditional lights. According to Audi, the light from the LED has been designed to be very similar during the day and provide a greater contrast is easier on the human eye. LED lighting is also designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle. Audi is no stranger to LED lights - the first time introduced the strip-shaped fog lamp at the Detroit Auto Show back in 2003.

Audi R8 First Full LED HeadlampsFirst full-LED headlamp for the Audi R8

* 54 high-performance LEDs provide all lighting functions
* Color similar to daylight offers advantages at night
* Innovative lighting technology as an option

Audi R8 First Full LED Headlamps 3
Additional concept cars and many light sources and the improvement headlamp geometry followed. This technological highlight is now available as an option for the Audi R8, where he joined other well-known high-tech components such as the aluminum Audi Space Frame, ceramic brakes and the mid-mounted V8 engine with FSI technology.

Audi R8 First Full LED Headlamps 4
Title: Audi R8 First Full LED Headlamps
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